Short Track Nationals Entry Forms Available!
Matt Covington Dominates 36th annual Jackson Nationals
Lineups / Results - Jackson Speedway
Brian Brown Among Drivers Expected at 36th Jackson Nationals
Jeff Swindell Capitalizes with Victory at the Lexington 104 Speedway
Short Track Nationals Entry Forms Available!

Short Track Nationals Entry Forms...

9/2/2014 -
Lonnie Wheatley, LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (August 28, 2013) – It may still be almost two months away, but many of the nation’s top Sprint Car teams are
Matt Covington Dominates 36th annual Jackson Nationals

Matt Covington Dominates 36th annual...

8/31/2014 -
(Photo Credit: Rob Kocak) JACKSON, Minn. (August 30, 2014) - The Jackson Sprint Car Nationals added a new champion to its list of historic drivers
Lineups / Results - Jackson Speedway

Lineups / Results - Jackson Speedway

8/29/2014 -
Greetings from the Jackson Speedway and Night 1 of the 36th Jackson Sprint Car Nationals. We will be doing our best to keep you updated on lineups and
Brian Brown Among Drivers Expected at 36th Jackson Nationals

Brian Brown Among Drivers Expected at...

8/25/2014 -
TULSA, Okla. (August 25, 2014) - When it comes to the half-mile Jackson Speedway, one name has been the class of the field the past couple years. For
Jeff Swindell Capitalizes with Victory at the Lexington 104 Speedway

Jeff Swindell Capitalizes with Victory...

8/23/2014 -
(Photo Credit: Rob Kocak) LEXINGTON, Tenn. (August 22, 2014) - For the third time in 2014, Jeff Swindell stood triumphant with the Lucas Oil


Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV American Real - 2015

As of February 27, 2015

ASCS Sprints

PosDriverWinsTop 5Top 10FeaturesPointsGap
1Aaron Reutzel2444567.00
2Mark Smith1444562.00-5
3Brad Loyet444520.00-47
4Johnny Herrera244509.00-58
5Jeff Swindell134452.00-115
6Tony Bruce Jr24434.00-133
7Seth Bergman114429.00-138
8Chad Kemenah24405.00-162
9Greg Wilson113399.00-168
10Wayne Johnson14391.00-176
11Sam Hafertepe Jr4387.00-180
12A.J. Maddox4382.00-185
13Terry McCarl233380.00-187
14Danny Martin Jr.13379.00-188
15Danny Smith13364.00-203
16Matt Covington13361.00-206
17Matt Kurtz4361.00-206
18Blake Hahn3355.00-212
19Greg Hodnett33354.00-213
20Danny Holtgraver12346.00-221
21Thomas Kennedy3343.00-224
22Jason Sides1122337.00-230
23Kyle Bellm2330.00-237
24Randy Hannagan2330.00-237
25Shawn Dancer2321.00-246
26Derek Hagar11317.00-250
27Josh Baughman2312.00-255
28Parker Price-Miller11305.00-262
29Lane Whittington1299.00-268
30Glenn Styres1297.00-270
31Travis Rilat1289.00-278
32Lou Kennedy Jr.1288.00-279
33Terry Gray1284.00-283
34Robbie Smith1283.00-284
35Mitch Brown0260.00-307
36Tyson Hall0260.00-307
37Caleb Helms0260.00-307
38Kris Miller0260.00-307
39Shawn Petersen0260.00-307
40Kyle Pitts0260.00-307
41Morgan Turpen0260.00-307
42Jordan Weaver0260.00-307
43Mark Ruel Jr0245.00-322
44Tim Shaffer1238.00-329
45Danny Lasoski1232.00-335
46Brad Greer1220.00-347
47Chris Durand0195.00-372
48Parker Evans0195.00-372
49Johnny Gilbertson0195.00-372
50Brandon Hanks0195.00-372
51Justin Hoffman0195.00-372
52James (Hud) Horton0195.00-372
53Chris Hoyt0195.00-372
54C.J. Jones0195.00-372
55Freddie McCall0195.00-372
56Michael Miller0195.00-372
57Jim Perricone0195.00-372
58Ryan Ruhl0195.00-372
59Jess Stiger0195.00-372
60Matt Tanner0195.00-372
61Scotty Thiel0195.00-372
62Timmy Thrash0195.00-372
63Danny Wood0195.00-372
64Tony Agin0180.00-387
65Cole Duncan0180.00-387
66Lance Hester0180.00-387
67Joe Zuczek0180.00-387
68Tyler Clem065.00-502
69Ken Laureno065.00-502
70Terry Witherspoon065.00-502

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